Bowflex TreadClimber vs. Max Trainer: Side-to-Side Review

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When it comes to high-quality workout equipment, Bowflex offers many good exercise machines like TreadClimber and Max Trainer. However, choosing between the two is quite challenging for fitness enthusiasts as they have quite similar functions and results. On the other hand, these two workout machines are also very different with some unique features.

Let’s find out which one is right for you to burn that extra fat!

Bowflex TreadClimber

Combine the benefits of elliptical, treadmill & stepper workouts into one, powerfull at-home exercise machine.

To create a great and unique workout machine to burn calories faster, Blowflex combined a treadmill, stepper, and a standard elliptical in just one. The workout is very simple; all you have to do is just walk. The TreadClimber claims to burn 2.5X more calories than any ordinary treadmill. Using the technology of stair climber, this machine features two-stepping pads with separate independent belts for each foot. When you move the belt, it acts like a treadmill. When you move it forward, it gives you a step up. The effect of stair climber and treadles ascend to meet feet, which creates smooth elliptical motion. With the low-impact smooth motion, this machine targets almost all body muscles that include calves, legs, glutes, abs, back, triceps, and cardio.

The 2 TreadClimber models include TC100 and TC200. These have many built-in features like heart rate monitoring, 2-5 workout programs, and a calorie burn tracker for four users. Both TC100 and TC200 backlit display, media shelf, and integrated USB port. To track your workout progress, there’s a TreadClimber personal training app. You can see a detailed comparison of the two models here.



  • Simple to use
  • Easy on ligaments and joints
  • Low-impact
  • Customized workout programs
  • Personal trainer app


  • Heavy
  • Assembly required

Bowflex Max Trainer

Offers full-body workout using your arms and legs.

The Bowflex Max Trainer is 2-in-1 fitness equipment that combines the workout benefits of a stepper and an elliptical. With a sleek, compact design, the footprint of 4′ x 2.5′, and upright orientation, it fits easily in limited spaces. This full-body low-impact and time-saving workout machine have two multi-grip handles with 8-20 resistance levels and 2-8 guided workout programs depending on the max trainer model number you choose. The interactive full-color display provides heart rate, calorie burn rate, and helps to set fitness targets. The Max Trainer offers an incredible cardio workout that helps you stay in shape.

Max Trainer M3 and M6 are affordable entry-level models, whereas M8, as well as Max Total, are ranked as Bowflex premium models. You can see a detailed comparison of the 3 models here.



  • Full-body workout
  • Low-impact
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Compact design


  • No speakers in M3 model
  • M8 is very expensive and M6 is hard to assemble by yourself

Comparing TreadClimber and Max Trainer

 NameFeaturesRatingPrice & Reviews
bowflex-treadclimber-tc100Bowflex TreadClimber Series
  • Focus on lower body
  • More comfortable and leisurely workoutsystem
  • Larger width and height than Max Trainer
bowflex-max-trainer-m8Bowflex Max Trainer Series
  • Full-body workoutpositions
  • A little faster calorie-burn rate than TreadClimber
  • needs more force and more focus for a full-body workout
  • More compact than TreadClimber

What Part of the Body Works more

Although both machines are built to burn calories in less time, the max trainer series offers full-body workout using your arms and legs. With TreadClimber, the main working motion happens with your legs only without using the upper-body as it’s primarily designed for walking. Max trainer works on both lower and upper body, simultaneously making it a much more efficient workout machine. When compared to ordinary elliptical, max trainer activates 80% more of your upper body muscles while two times gentle on joints.

Calorie Burn Rate

When it comes to calorie-burn rate, Max trainer takes the lead. It uses high-intensity interval training that burns about 250-280 calories in just 14 minutes. At the same time, TreadClimber will burn up to 200 calories with a maximum of 4mph speed. So, a Max trainer machine burns your unwanted fat at a faster rate.

Workout Intensity

TreadClimber offers a more comfortable and leisurely workout as compared to Max trainer. You are just walking on TreadClimber even if you walk fast at the incline angle. Max trainer needs more force and more focus for a full-body workout. Conversely, TreadClimber provides better leg muscle development at a fast speed as legs are the only part you will be working on.


Lastly, they differ a lot in size. Max trainer is the compact, sleek machine with lesser footprint than usual treadmills while TreadClimber models have larger width and height.


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Conclusion: Which equipment should you buy?

Well, that depends on the type of workout you prefer or need to achieve your fitness goal.

Should I buy the TreadClimber?

If you want to keep your workout simple, comfortable, casual, and leisurely, TreadClimber is your right pick. Besides, it is also a great choice for people who prefer walking over running and using the upper-body. Anyone who wants a treadmill with something extra that has zero impact on knees and joints, TreadClimber offers the benefits of stepper, elliptical, and treadmill altogether. TreadClimber is a great option for a person who wants to build leg muscles; it helps with glute and leg development.

Should I buy the Max Trainer?

Those who want an intense full-body workout that tones most of the body muscles, then Max trainer is the equipment for them. It not only reduces body fat faster, but the Max trainer also improves overall fitness. Gain muscle while losing weight, Max trainer helps you accomplish this with a focused workout every day.

Both TreadClimber and Max trainer will help you to get in the right shape in less time than other exercise equipment. Choose the one that fulfills your workout needs.

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