Best Mini Elliptical of 2020: Under Desk & Stand Up

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A complete guide for choosing the best Compact Elliptical

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The hectic schedules and busy routines have made it impossible for people to keep up with their workout sessions. Taking time out for personal grooming has become a challenge for everyone. However, taking care of mental as well as physical health is something that people cannot compromise on and must make time out for it. 

If you are thinking of ways you can work on your body’s fitness while in office or busy in-home chores, you might want to consider under desk elliptical. It is an ultimate solution to burn down the calories while managing your office work without any distractions. These portable and small machines are revolutionizing the way we work out, and it is just amazing!

A mini elliptical is a compact, exercising equipment that you can use while sitting at a desk and working. Using a low impact cardio fitness equipment will help you engage your upper body. It creates a smooth motion of the legs. These machines are a perfect way to add to a bit of physical activity in our lives. Whether you have a full-time job or you have kids to take care of, making this mini elliptical a part of your life will help you stay fit and healthy, even with a busy life. 

The market is full of thousands of different models by hundreds of different brands. There are different types of machines available, and you can find under the desk, seated, and stand-up elliptical in the market. The easy availability has made it simple to make a purchase, but it has also made the entire process overwhelming. 

You don’t have to stress out when you head to the market to purchase the best mini elliptical. Check out our Top Pick!

Our Top Pick
Cubii Jr. - Seated Under-Desk Mini Elliptical

Cubii Jr. Mini Under Desk Elliptical

The lightweight design and top-class portability feature make it the Perfect Office-Use Under Desk Elliptical 

If you need more information, you are in the right place, as we have analyzed and evaluated the market and enlisted the ones that are the best options. The following list consists of the top five under-desk mini ellipticals that are the best option in 2020. 

We have prepared a guide at the end of which you will know exactly which under-desk elliptical machine to choose out of the plethora of options out there! 

Best Mini Elliptical 2020

Under Desk & Stand Up Top Choices

1. Cubii Pro

The Quietest Seated Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii Pro - Seated Under-Desk Elliptical

The Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical is one of the best options that you can find in the market.

It is a fully-featured machine available in the category of seated elliptical under-desk elliptical. It will let you get fit while you sit and work. Whether you are at home or working in your office, this high-performance machine will provide you with utterly satisfying results. You can use the external sync options to connect the machine to your Android smartphone, iPhone, Fitbit smart brands, and Apple Health Kit to track the results to motivate yourself. 

Cubii Pro compact elliptical is a perfect choice for low impact in-home or in-office workout with its sophisticatedly-designed gearing system. It even comes with adjustable resistance options. The Bluetooth connectivity enhances the workout experience, and the ergonomic design keeps you relaxed as it minimizes the impact on the joints. Also, it’s dead easy to assemble it.

Another feature that makes Cubii Pro a smart choice for use in a workplace is its whisper-quiet feature. It will help you work out without disturbing your colleagues or family members. It is the quietest seated under desk elliptical. It is silent in use, which adds to the overall experience. 

Its highest quality, lowest noise generation, and Bluetooth connectivity are the features that make this elliptical every fitness freak’s favorite! 

  • It is the quietest seated under desk elliptical
  • It allows syncing to external devices through Bluetooth connectivity
  • Tracking and sharing the results is very simple
  • Offers adjustable resistance levels
  • Stress-free assembly
  • It slides on the hardwood floor
  • The USB plug is not conveniently positioned
  • Not the most affordable option in the market
  • Not very lightweight

2. Cubii Jr

The Perfect Office-Use Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii Jr. - Seated Under-Desk Mini Elliptical

If you are looking for a seated under-desk elliptical specifically for office use, this seated under-desk Jr. by Cubii is an ideal option. The lightweight design and top-class portability feature make it a great choice to use in the workplace. It features a very simple design making it very easy to assemble, use, and operate. You do not need a lot of hours to assemble the simple machine. 

Even though it is lightweight, the sturdy design makes the Cubii Jr very durable. Moreover, the manufacturers have built this machine, keeping in mind the users’ comfort. It features a perfectly ergonomic design, which prevents exertion of excessive pressure on the joints or lower back. The mini elliptical offers 8 resistance levels, which will allow you to adjust the settings according to your requirements. 

An impressive feature of Cubii Jr is built-in display-monitor. The monitor makes it easy to track the workout in real-time. It displays the RPM, hourly calorie count, steps, and distance by gathering data in real-time. The whisper-quiet feature is another reason why you need to choose Cubii Jr for your low-impact office workout. It allows you to exercise without anyone knowing, and it does not break the decorum of silence. 

It is perfectly safe and simple to use. Moreover, it is built to function very smoothly, and it offers a stable design. All these features combine to make it a smart option for all conscious about their fitness. 

  • The assembly is straightforward and does not take a lot of time.
  • The whisper-quiet feature allows zero-disturbance workout
  • The display monitor provides real-time insights into the workout session
  • The design is simple and ergonomic
  • The sturdy design makes it a durable option
  • The lightweight adds to its overall portability scores
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • The forward pedaling may generate some noise
  • The pedals are very fragile
  • The grip-foam on the pedal is not very durable

3. jfit Mini Elliptical

The Only Under-Desk and Stand-up Elliptical

jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical

When talking about an elliptical that offers both under-desk and stand-up features, this model by JFIT is the perfect option. It is the only under-desk and stand-up elliptical with a uniquely designed pedaling system. The pedals are adjustable and smartly designed to support both under-desk and stand-up workout sessions. It is an advanced feature that you will not find it in any other model in the market. 

It features a very compact and lightweight design. Another feature that makes this elliptical model by JFIT one of the most loved machines in the market is its top-handle. You can use the top-handle to move it easily. In addition to a top handle, this design also features a front-handle that offers additional support. 

The elliptical by JFIT is a popular choice for offices as it is super-quiet. The smooth functioning of the machine is what makes it a very quiet machine to use. The design of this elliptical is designed in a way that minimizes the wear-and-tear in the machine, making it last longer. 

In addition to portability, durability, and dual function, this model by JFIT allows you to track your workout. Moreover, you can easily adjust the resistance level as per your need and make your in-home or in-office workout much more effective. 

This mini elliptical the best features at an affordable rate! 

  • Assembling the machine is super-easy and stress-free
  • Two-in-one machine, offering both under-desk and stand-up elliptical features
  • The design is simple and durable
  • Offers resistance level adjustability options
  • The wide-peddles can accommodate large-footed people
  • One of the most portable machines in the market
  • There are some non-ignorable flaws in the design
  • The roller-blade wheels require timely lubrication
  • The display is not very reliable
  • The size is not ideal for under-desk use

4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872

A Mini Elliptical Featuring a Versatile Design

Sunny Health & Fitness Fully Assembled Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical

The feature that makes this elliptical by Sunny Health & Fitness a popular choice is its versatile design. The manufacturers have very smartly designed this exercise machine, which demands minimum maintenance. The smart designing, which makes this under-desk easy to use, requires you to put in minimum efforts. 

The belt-drive mechanism ensures that the workout session is quiet and does not disturb others around you. The magnetic resistance allows you to adjust the setting according to your needs. Whether you want a low-impact workout or an extensive one, the resistance level adjustability feature will let you set your own pace. 

The compact size adds into the elliptical’s portability allowing you to carry and move it around with ease and convenience. In addition to its small size, it also comes with a centrally located transportation handle. You can move the machine wherever you want, without putting any physical efforts. No matter whichever environment you choose, your workplace, or your home, the under-desk elliptical by Sunny Health will work perfectly fine in all types of settings. 

The pedals feature a smart design as they come with a textured surface. It prevents your feet from slipping and provides you with an uninterrupted, worry-free workout session. The best thing about this machine is that you do not have to worry about its assembling. It comes fully assembled, allowing you to start using it immediately. 

The digital monitor that this machine comes with displays all necessary details about the workout.

  • Compact design with a conveniently-positioned transportation handle makes it very portable
  • The adjustable resistance feature provides a personalized workout session
  • The textured foot pedals prevent slipping
  • Does not require assembling, saves time and effort
  • A durable exercising machine
  • The display is not very reliable
  • The battery is not easily available for the display monitor

5. Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider

The Most Efficient Under Desk Elliptical

Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Mini Elliptical

The features that collectively contribute to making the Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider one of the top-picks for fitness enthusiasts are its portability and efficiency. It is the most efficient under-desk elliptical that you can find in the market. The compactness of the design is worth a mention. It requires minimal space and is very easily transportable around a workplace or a home. If compactness and ease of transport are what you are looking for along with efficiency in an elliptical, the InMotion model by Stamina is what you need. 

You do not have to worry about noise when using this under-desk elliptical. It allows you to workout without creating noise and disturbing others around you. The weight of this mini strider adds significantly to its portability score. 

You can easily change the resistance settings as per your desire and workout at a self-defined pace. You can do that by adjusting the dial during your session. An added feature of this machine is that you can use it both ways, that is while sitting and standing. You can pedal forwards as well as backward as your body requires. 

It is a mini elliptical that is specifically designed for gamers. These individuals can stay fit while enjoying their gaming without any distractions. It can improve the cardio and tone lower body at the same time. 

  • It is effective in improving cardio
  • Can be used while sitting as well as while standing
  • Can be used to for a versatile workout
  • Offers an adjustable tension dial
  • A top-scorer in terms of portability
  • The wheels may get squeaky after some time

Mini Ellipticals Buying Guide

DO NOT buy before reading this

Even though we have shortlisted the top five mini ellipticals for your use, choosing the best one might still be a tough process. To make the right decision and choose the best option out of these five, you can use this comprehensive guide that will help you in selecting the most useful elliptical for your home or office. 

Features to Consider Before Buying an Under Desk Mini Elliptical

Be it a treadmill or an elliptical; before you get started with the purchase process, you need to bring into consideration several crucial factors. These factors of consideration will help you make a smart choice that boasts long-term benefits. 

When buying a seated or stand-up under-desk elliptical, considering the following factors is essential. These machines are not cheap, and we do not want you to invest your money on the wrong model. 

Nature of Use

The first important factor to consider is the nature of use. You will find two types of mini ellipticals; it can either be seated, under-desk, or stand-up. Therefore, before you head to the market, you must have a clear idea about how you wish to use the machine. Once you know exactly how you want to use the machine, you can start exploring the options. 


When we talk about mini ellipticals, the portability is a feature that we all want to have in it. The reason why people want a mini elliptical is that it is easy to carry around. Make sure you look at its weight, size, and height. Another factor to consider here is the ease of movement. To make the movement of the elliptical easy for the users, many manufacturers offer a handle that allows transporting the machine from one place to another. 

Performance and Efficiency

The third and a very vital factor to consider when purchasing mini under-desk, seated, or stand up ellipticals, make sure you evaluate its performance and efficiency. You need to read about their working mechanism and go through the reviews of people who are already using a particular machine you like. Indeed, you cannot determine the quality of its performance or know how efficient a machine is, without using it. However, customer reviews can significantly help you determine its degree of durability. 


The last and critical factor is the budget. It might not be a factor of consideration for some, but for the majority of the people, the budget can be a decisive factor. The more features you look for in a machine, the higher the price will be. Therefore, if budget is a concern for you, you need to consider machines that are offering the basic features. 

Make sure that you make your decision based on these factors. You miss out on any of these; you will most probably end up with a machine that is not as per your requirements. 

Benefits & Disadvantages of the Under Desk Mini Elliptical in your work or home

A woman using a Mini Stepper

When on the one hand, under-desk mini ellipticals benefit people in many ways; on the other hand, it has its downsides. While you are analyzing your needs and determining if you really want a mini elliptical for your home or office, you need to consider both its benefits and the downsides before you reach your final decision. 



By using a mini elliptical, you can enhance your multi-tasking skills. You do not have to compromise on your fitness, just because your life is too hectic. You can work or even take care of your home chores without compromising on your fitness. 

Efficient Performance

Not being physically fit can negatively impact your performance at work as well as at home. When you are able to incorporate a healthy amount of physical activity in your life, you can enhance your abilities and become efficient at work as well as at home.

Possibility of Weight-loss

Weight gain is a common problem today for people because their jobs require them to sit on the seat for a very long time. Excessive sitting can lead to weight gain. By using the mini elliptical, you can counter the weight-gain effect and maintain a healthy weight. 


Type of Seating

Using an elliptical while on a seat requires a different kind of seating. Not using the right seat can become a reason for severe health risks. You might have to bring in a new type of seating in your home or workplace. 

Disturbance for Others

Even though the majority of ellipticals come with a whisper-quiet feature but after some time, squeaking may generate some noise. The noise can disturb your colleagues and even annoy your family members at home. 


Incorporating a mini elliptical in your life paves the way for a healthy lifestyle. It is difficult to spend a healthy lifestyle in such a hectic routine, but when you use an under-desk mini elliptical, things can easy for you. 

If you have to take care of your kids at home or are working in a full-time job, mini ellipticals will help you work for on your physical fitness! 


DO NOT buy before reading this

Are mini ellipticals effective for weight loss?

Mini-ellipticals are not specifically fat-burning machines, and this is not their primary purpose. However, some mini ellipticals might help you burn up to 150 calories per hour, which will burn some fat. 

What’s the difference between a mini under desk elliptical & a bike

With an under-desk elliptical, you will make a forward & backward motion versus a more circular motion of the under desk bike. Also, the under-desk ellipticals have a large pedal surface, which is good if you have large feet. You can find all the differences in our detailed under desk elliptical vs bike guide.

Which is better for weight loss a Mini Elliptical or a Minibike?

A minibike can help in weight loss when combined with a low-calorie diet. However, a mini elliptical is not primarily manufactured for weight loss but to add a sufficient amount of physical activity in life.

Are mini ellipticals noisy? Can I use them in my work?

The majority of mini ellipticals advertise as whisper-quiet machines. However, excessive use can give rise to squeaking noises. Some of these ellipticals can be made whisper-quiet through regular lubrication. If you regularly oil the components of the machine, it will not create noise, and you can use it in your workplace. 

Are mini elliptical safe to be used by the elderly?

Mini ellipticals are ideal for the elderly as it is a form of the low-impact workout. The seated under-desk ellipticals do not cause excessive sweating. It is perfect for adding a sufficient amount of physical activity in life, and it does not tire the people. 

What muscles do the mini ellipticals exercise?

The core muscles, including abs, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calve muscles, and hip flexors. 

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