What is the Difference between bodybuilding and Crossfit

by Integrated Fitness on June 7, 2011

What is the difference between Bodybuilding and CrossFit
CrossFit and Bodybuilding are very different styles of working out.
The goal of CrossFit is to be physically in great shape in every sense of the word. CrossFit is designed to make you more athletic, faster, stronger, have better balance and also look better.
Bodybuilding’s goal is to make your muscles as symmetric and big as possible while increasing definition.

Bodybuilding is solely focused on the look rather than physical capabilities.

How its judged

CrossFit is judged by competitions that test your physical abilities including strength speed endurance and balance. The competitions are done in local CrossFit gyms and in national CrossFit tournaments. The national CrossFit tournaments are known as the Crossfit Games.

The CrossFit games are sponsored by Rebok with Cash Prizes upwards of $250,000 for the best male and female CrossFitter in the world.

The best CrossFit team earns $100,000 for their gym.
Bodybuilding is judged very differently. Rather than testing the contestants physical abilities. Bodybuilders stand on stage in small bathing suits typically speedos. Each contestant is judged based on size, definition, and symmetry of muscular development

The most prestigious bodybuilding competition is the Mr. Universe competition. Mr. Universe can be attributed as the catalyst that started Arnold schwarzenegger’s (likely the world’s most famous bodybuilder) career in acting which later led to a career in politics.

How to train

Training for Crossfit is done by working full body movements. Such as the Overhead Squat, Russian kettlebell swings and pullup »”>kipping pullups.

The idea behind these exercises is to use your entire body focusing on building your core first. A strong core and strong legs are the athletic base for almost every sport.

Training for bodybuilding involves the opposite. Bodybuilders isolate muscles to increase their size rather than increase their functionality.

The downside to bodybuilding is that athletes lose range of motion as their muscles are isolated then become distortional to their natural shape. This often results in slower overall body functions.

Overall you can see from the pictures that both bodybuilding and CrossFit will get you a strong appearance. However, bodybuilding is typically just for show, where CrossFit will actually make you stronger in sports and other areas of life.

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