The CrossFit Hotties with the Fittest Bodies

by Pat Hanavan on May 8, 2013

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Most CrossFitters put themselves through the intense workout program demanded by CrossFit so that they are fit and don’t just to look fit. However, looking fit is, kind of, a bi-product of such intense workouts.

Here are a few of the hottest bodies in CrossFit.

Let’s start with the girls, women, okay then–girls;

* Annie Thorisdottir – The queen of CrossFit and double crowned, “Fittest Woman on Earth.” How could we start with anybody else?

* Stacie Tovar – CrossFitter, accomplished Volley Baller and extremely hot, even when the temperature isn’t.

* Lindsey Smith – Is there anything that Lindsey isn’t good at? Basketball, running, soccer, CrossFit – no wonder she’s got such a hot body with all that going on.

* Julie Foucher – Just goes to prove that you can have beauty, brawn, and brains too! This Medical student (yes, a clever girl, our Julie) was a champion gymnast in high school and is now doing more than okay in the land of CrossFit.

* Christmas Abbot – There is, arguably, no more recognizable CrossFitter than the beautiful Christmas Abbot, okay, maybe the tats on her arm do help a little but there’s no mistaking that beautiful body when it gets in full swing.

What about the guys?

* Rich Froning – Well, we started with Annie, so it’s only fair that we should start the guys list with Rich. Apart from being multiple CrossFit King he’s also pretty darned hot! Just look at those abs!

dan* Dan Bailey – Sixth in the 2012 CrossFit Games, Dan is a great Track and Field athlete and an awesome CrossFitter. No wonder he’s so darn ripped.

* Mikko Salo – Previous CrossFit champ he’s aiming to once again be crowned “Fittest Man on Earth”, I suppose being crowned “Hottest CrossFit Body on Earth” might help just a little.

* Scott Carlson – Say no more, he’s hot, hot, hot!

* Neal Maddox – Has a real Hollywood vibe going on, or is that just my opinion. Anyhow, Neal is certainly a CrossFit hottie.

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Phil May 8, 2013 at 8:52 pm

You are missing a big one….

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