Ten Benefits for Women who Crossfit

by Pat Hanavan on July 18, 2013

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There are many benefits for everybody who does Crossfit but these are particularly directed towards the girls . . .

1. Losing body fat – the majority of us can see the difference in a short space of time but there are studies too which have shown that women who do strength training two or three times each week will gain a couple of pounds in muscle and lose around 3 or 4 pounds of body fat over a two month period. This just keeps on getting better – every pound of muscle gained helps to burn up to 50 extra calories per day.

2. Becoming physically stronger – Being physically stronger is going to help you in almost every aspect of your life from climbing a mountain to doing daily chores around the house.

3. Gaining strength but not bulk – the thought of bulking up puts many women off Crossfit but it really isn’t a problem. Women just don’t have the same natural levels of muscle building hormones as the guys do – they are much more likely to become defined with muscle tone.

chyna4. Significantly reducing the risk of osteoporosis in later years – weight training (like in Crossfit) can increase the bone mineral density in the spine which is a great defense to fight osteoporosis.

5. Athletic performance will improve – of course it will, you will be fitter, stronger, have more endurance, agility, balance – your performance will improve at any sport you choose to play.

6. Reducing the risk of heart disease – is another benefit for women who Crossfit. Crossfit involves many great cardiovascular exercises.

7. Significantly reducing the risk of injury, arthritis and back pain- Strength training and conditioning builds stronger muscles as well as stronger connective tissues whilst increasing the stability in the joints.

8. Crossfit helps to fight depression by improving the whole attitude and outlook on life- There are not only the physical aspects of the Crossfit training but also the great community spirit present in the world of Crossfit.

9. Reducing the risk of contracting diabetes is another benefit of Crossfit for women as well as men.

10. They are never too old to start. Crossfit is suitable for everybody and research has shown that women in their 70’s and even their 80’s can show considerable improvements through strength and weight training.

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