Mac’s Weight Gain and Loss from Always Sunny

by Pat Hanavan on October 12, 2012

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Tonight was the premiere of the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. At the beginning of the last season, Rob McElhenney‘s character Mac showed up to the first episode 50 lbs heavier than the previous season.

Rob McElhenney is now infamous for gaining 50 pounds because he thought it would be funny for the show. His character Mac is always talking about putting on mass but never works out. So for the show he thought it would be funny to make Mac fat. Rob McElhenney answers some questions about his massive transformation.

The gain was very difficult for him, he tried to gain the weight as healthy as possible. He worked with a nutritionist who was recommended by Chase Utley, a professional baseball player and friend of the show. The nutritionist focused on beefing up NFL players and that is the look Rob McElhenney was going for, the offensive lineman look. He spoke with the nutrtitionist, stuck with the program and four and a half months later weighed in 50 pounds heavier.

Rob McElhenney‘s character showed up to the premiere of this new season tonight looking back to normal and even a slightly more built than previous seasons. Losing the weight was easier as he quotes, “You eat a lot, you get fat. You don’t eat a lot, you lose weight.” He then goes on to add, “food intake and exercise, turns out that’s the key to weight loss…… and weight gain

Rob McElhenney claims he has a fast metabolism to begin with which originally made the weight gain hard. So losing the weight was easy for him simply by returning to his regular workout routine and returning to eat healthy small meals.

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