Losing Weight with CrossFit

by Pat Hanavan on April 4, 2013

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People turn to CrossFit for many different reasons – to increase their overall fitness, to build strength and stamina, and to lose weight. CrossFit really is suitable for athletes and people of all ages, all sizes, and all levels of fitness. It is not important where you start in CrossFit, the important part is how much you improve.

Many people turn to CrossFit to generally improve their lifestyle, increase their health, fitness and lose weight–what a good choice! CrossFit is a terrific choice for all of these things. Losing weight with CrossFit is not a labor of love, it is fun and it works – all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

guy1. Attend the CrossFit classes. That’s the first step for everybody, it is often the hardest step of all but you’ve got to do it. CrossFitters recommend between three and five workouts per week, the rest days are also extremely important.

2. Track your workouts. One of the unique aspects of the CrossFit fitness program is that it is extremely easy to track. There is nothing like a little success to spur you on for more success, so once you see that your workouts are improving you will be inspired to work even harder. Your weight loss may take a little longer but bear with it, it is as much about changing shape as losing weight, some people actually gain weight at the beginning of their CrossFit journey but all comes good in the end.

3. Exercise alone is not the answer, you’ve got to make sure that you eat right too. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet including lots of meat, vegetables, fruit, seeds, and nuts. Focus on fresh produce and avoid processed or refined foods and anything which has added sugar.

4. Remember to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Drink before, during and after the workout. Your body won’t be able to recover without it, which will help it to keep on burning calories and aids in weight loss.

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