How to do reverse burpees video: CrossFit

by Integrated Fitness on October 18, 2011

Hey guys we are talking about burpee »”>reverse burpees now. This isn’t used all over the place, but I think its a good core exercise. It makes you a little bit looser in the legs and the hips, turns on your abs in a good way.

So what it is, is you are going to sit and lay all the way back to your back and then you are going to stand up from that seated position right away.

So it looks like this…

You are trying to do that without your hands. If you need to put a hand down you can, and it looks like this. And you can touch the ground and help push yourself up. Try to keep your feet close to your butt when you are getting up. If your feet are way out in front it is going to be a very different leverage position, and harder to do a reverse burpee.

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