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by Pat Hanavan on January 13, 2014

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You can ask any CrossFitter you know about what one of the greatest aspects of the sport is and they will most likely tell you, it’s the community. The CrossFit community is strong, growing and now spreads all throughout the entire world. Have you ever met someone and learned that they too are a CrossFitter? It’s as if almost instantly you become friends due to this common bond. The growing CrossFit community is a great way to meet new people and it’s also a great way to help new people, even if you do not know them.

kevin-ogarKevin Ogar began following the CrossFit regimen in 2008 in Columbia, Missouri. He began competing in Olympic and Power Lifting in high school, and continued to compete in Power Lifting through college at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he also played Rugby and acted as their Strength Coach. While in charge of their strength and conditioning program, the team went on to rank third nationally across all Division II schools in only their second year with Kevin. Upon moving to Colorado, Kevin played Rugby with the Glendale Raptors Division I team. He has recently chosen to make CrossFit his sport as well as his career.

Kevin Ogar is currently a CrossFitter and Coach at CrossFit Unbroken in Colorado. Kevin Ogar was injured in a freak accident at the 2014 OCT in Southern California this past weekend. This accident severed his spinal cord at T11-12. He has no feeling or voluntary movement below the waist.

The CrossFit community at large is rallying to help spread the word and contribute to Kevin’s recovery. Unfortunately like a lot of people in this sport, Kevin is uninsured and his recovery process will not be quick. As part of this great community, we are helping to spread the word in hopes to helping him receive the level of care needed to get him through this unfortunate injury.

Currently there is already over $40,000 raised but that does not even get them to 50% of their goal. You can help by donating here to: Kevin Ogar’s Recovery Fund.

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