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What is CrossFit?


CrossFit combines high intensity workouts that change every day to keep your body guessing and give you amazing results

1. Constantly Varied: We want our athletes to be able to respond to any challenge that they face.  Life can hit hard and we want our athletes to adapt when life throws the first punch.  Their training will very rarely incorporate the exact same routines because we believe real strength comes when you can perform under any circumstance.  Ask yourself if you “need” music.  We want to teach you to work with music, without music, when it’s hot, when it’s cold, when you’re rested, and when you are tired.  If you can work hard in difficult situations just think how well you will perform when you are running on all cylinders

2. Functional Movement: Crossfit is built upon the idea that we want you to strengthen your weaknesses.  Many of those weaknesses come from not moving properly, or your body not physically being able to get into certain positions.  Our 9 foundational moves are all based on everyday body movements.  Whether you are doing air squats that would simulated sitting all the way into a chair and then having the strength to stand back up, a shoulder press that simulates lifting anything over your head, or a dead lift which simulates picking anything up off of the ground, we constantly work the movements that help you function in your everyday life better.  When you are strong with the major bodily movements your body’s base is strong and you can begin to develop real strength and speed.

3. High Intensity: Intensity is the key to achieving incredible results.  Crossfit has built itself around intensity.  Intensity essentially equals power and power can only increase as your entire body gains strength.  The best part about intensity is that it is all relative to the athlete.  There are some athletes training for international competition that put out a level of intensity that is almost unmatchable on a pound for pound basis.  But, intensity is all about where your body is mentally and physically.  You may have to scale a workout down a great deal by lowering the weight, shortening the distance you move the weight, or by changing the exercise to allow you to complete the reps.  That is a fantastic aspect of Crossfit because as long as you are pushing yourself hard you build your capacity for fitness gains in all areas.

Crossfit focuses on three core disciplines of movement:

  1. Metabolic Conditioning: intense movements geared to increase your heart rate.  Examples of these movements are running, rowing, biking, swimming and resistance workouts executed at high intensity
  2. Gymnastics: Movement within the boundaries of your own body to build strong and explosive lean muscle.  Examples of these movements are pushups, pull-ups, handstand pushups, muscle ups, and burpees
  3. Olympic Lifting: Lifting is a necessity of training for both men and women.  This greatly helps build the lean muscle that speeds up metabolism and adds tone and strength.  Examples of these movements are shoulder presses, squats, dead lifts, clean and jerks, and snatches

When you add these elements together you create a deadly training program that has no borders or boundaries.  The combination of different fitness disciplines supplemented with intensity allows our athletes to achieve incredible results in a short amount of time.  Our trainers constantly research and incease their knowledge of training.  Since Crossfit has no boundaries we can bring in any discipline of training that will produce the best results for the given athletes.  Integrated Fitness will never stop learning.  Our passion to help people enhance their lives costantlydrives us to search out the newest and best training methods.  If there is a discipline that will help our athletes we will incoroate it into our gym.

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