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by Pat Hanavan on June 28, 2013

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“I do not train so that I have clients . . . I have clients so that I can train”

“No, it won’t get easier (you wouldn’t actually want it to) – but it does suck a little less with time”

“Does the WOD make you nervous – if not why not – it should”

“It’s good to exercise early in the mornings before your brain has woken up and knows what you’re doing”

“You can never find the time to do anything – if you want the time to exercise make it”

“Which do you prefer for your busy schedule – to exercise for one hour each day or to be dead for 24 hours every day?”

“You don’t stop exercising because you’re getting old; you begin to get old because you’ve stopped exercising”

“If you have a fat dog it means that you aren’t getting enough exercise”

“Nothing tastes better than the feeling of being fit”

“Sweat with a little bit of sacrifice thrown in equals success”

“Welcome to the world where people have decided that easy just won’t do”

me“Life begins where your comfort zone ends”

“Your feet are only hurting ‘cos you’re kicking ass”

“I am definitely fitter than I was yesterday but I’m not as fit as I will be tomorrow”

“No that’s not a chip on my shoulder – take a closer look – it’s a stone”

“This ain’t heavy enough – I want more”

“Pain is just weakness as it leaves the body”

“If you don’t make any mistakes you’re not trying hard enough”

“It’s not about being as fit as you know you can be – it’s about being fitter than you ever thought possible”

“The hardest thing about Crossfit is starting – the second hardest thing is stopping once you’ve started”

“Of course fat people are good natured – that’s because they can’t run and they can’t fight”

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