Could this be the Biggest MMA Fight of All Time?

by Pat Hanavan on September 13, 2012

Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey isn’t ready to give up on Cris Cyborg just yet.

Despite Cyborg‘s insistence that her body is unable to cut enough weight to reach the 135-pound limit, Rousey continued throw public jabs at the suspended former featherweight champ on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour, criticizing her for flip-flopping on the weight issue and deriding her career as nothing more than a product of cheating and steroid abuse.

That girl Cyborg has never had a fair fightRousey said and continued with “she has a long history of cheating and using drugs and coming in overweight and no one has ever put their foot down ever about it!”

Rousey even goes on to call her out and offer a fight at a catchweight stating Cyborg would still show up overweight and think she could get away with it simply because she already has.

Cyborg has long expressed interest in fighting Rousey in the past, however recently she seems to have moved on from the feud. Following Rousey‘s lopsided victory over Sarah Kaufman and subsequent callout of the Brazilian, Cyborg posted a surprising rant on her Twitter account that perplexed even Strikeforce officials, stating that a drop to bantamweight was out of the question and she would be awaiting her release from Strikeforce, as her real division no longer existed.

If there is no response from Cyborg‘s camp we unfortunately will just have to wait for the winner of the Carmouche vs. McMann fight to determine who Rousey will be fighting next. Good news is, we could be seeing this fight in early 2013.

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