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Integrated Fitness Classes Offered

CrossFit Class:

These will be our intense classes that you will need to be cleared into by our trainers.  These classes will be scalable and allow the athletes to vary their weights, speeds, and range of movement but still carry a great deal of intensity.  Class size will cap out at 12

CrossFit Women’s Class:

Women rule in these classes!  Class size will cap out at 12

Integrated CrossFit Skills:

This will be an on ramp class into the Co-ed class.  Athletes will receive more explanations on the exercises and there will likely be more scaling down on weight, speed, and range of movement in the exercises.  Our athletes will still be expected to perform at full intensity we just want to make sure that they are mechanically sound before they move into Co-ed class.  Classes will cap out at 12

CrossFit Boot Camps:

These classes will focus more around your body weight with added weight coming from medicine balls and kettlebells.  You will not see the olympic barbells in these classes but you will still see great results.  Classes will cap out at 15

Integrated Fundamentals: This will be an option to all athletes before they move into one of the monthly classes.  This will be a 3 classes series of one on one or a small group classes where the athlete will work directly with the trainer on the 9 foundational movements.  The coach will discuss what Crossfit is, how the athletes will achieve their goals, how they can add proper nutrition into their diet, how to move, and what they can expect from the class they are placed into.  This is a great way for the athletes to begin feeling like they are part of the gym community and it is a great way for them to set goals and be motivated to achieve them

Integrated Underground: This will be an invite only class of athletes who want to take their Crossfit experience to new level of dedication.  The athletes in this class will put their minds and bodies to the test everyday with brutal workouts and fierce competition.  Classes will cap at 12

Collegiate Prep Class:
This class is designed to send those older students off to college with a massive leg up on their peers. Whether you are an athlete on scholarship to a top 10 program, or a high school student looking to make extremely positive mental and physical gains this is your class! We will work to increase your strength, power, speed, agility, and mental toughness. This class is designed for those who are serious about their goals.

Integrated Kids: Crossfit kids classes are a great way to get your kids off on the right foot nutritionally and physically.  We will work with the kids to help build their confidence, teach teamwork, increase focus, and improve their athletic ability.  This is a great place for kids to be kids while they are working toward long term health and wellness.  Classes will cap at 12

Integrated Teams: Want to train with your sports team?  We will provide an atmosphere of great competition while also providing unique insights on mental and physical training for the team.  There is nothing better then getting in the trenches with your teammates and friends and watching each other grow and progress athletically.  Positivity and teamwork are essential here and we will promote that every day.  No set class size cap here.

Personal and Small Group Training: Need work on mechanics, or want to work some extra sessions to help build strength more quickly?  We offer private training on a limited basis to focus in on individual (or small group) athletes in an effort to help build their work capacity more quickly.

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desiree May 5, 2011 at 8:29 am

What age group is crossfit for kids geared toward?

Integrated Crossfit May 5, 2011 at 8:38 am

Desiree Our CrossFit Kids classes have two age ranges one class is for younger children ranging in age from 7 at the young end up until about 13 years old. In this class we focus on agility, team building, cardiovascular endurance, bodyweight exercises, and confidence. From 14 to adult our young athletes learn all the aspects of the younger classes but do more aggressive workouts that include more weighted exercises.

dee May 18, 2013 at 3:07 pm

Interested in info. for a 13 year girl (grade 9) and availabilities?

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